Yealink w52p

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Yealink w52p

High definition HD voice quality and up to 10 hours talk time battery life make this a great option for those that need mobility in their workplace. The first part includes our view of this device and the second part includes installation instructions that apply to most systems. Certain business models require mobility when inside the office as not all who need constant access to communication tether to a desk.

The clip that comes with the unit comfortably attaches to a belt or pocket. The base station that connects to a switch or router is small in size and may be mounted to a wall. It will allow up to five handsets to connect and each device has the capability to retain 5 different VoIP accounts making shuffling the devices around fairly simple.

It is very easy to setup and register with a phone system. This can be accomplished by visiting the web management console for configuration, entering the settings directly into the device or by using an auto provisioning option featured for certain services or PBX systems.

Navigating through the phone is very intuitive. Accessing features like the directory and other options is not a tedious process by any means. The phone includes HD technology High Definition which is noticeable during both internal calls and outside external calls i. Both the regular handset speaker and the speakerphone produce very clear audio.

How to Pair a Yealink W52P Handset with Base Station

All the components are fairly small so positioning the hub and charging station should not require a major reorganization effort. The phone is light but does not have a cheap feeling like many smaller handsets.

It is very responsive, although some areas of the menu momentarily hung but this is not a problem with normal usage. Setup should be a breeze with just about any system. After accessing the web administration page for the device, it only took a couple minutes to apply the credentials for an unused extension in the PBX.

Battery life is around 10 hours on a full charge so it can keep up with a long day in the office even if you forget to put it back on the charger at lunchtime. The range of the handset is also impressive as quality of the call did not appear affected as I moved away from the base station to the next office. The specifications state a range of ft indoors and up to ft outdoors. Yealink also have DECT repeaters available if you need to extend the range or to improve signal recpetion in remote areas.

The first issue encountered is concerning the power supply. The main station is Power over Ethernet PoE capable but will require a power supply included in the box if the switch or gateway to which it connects lacks this feature. The transformers on the supply face the side which can be a little awkward for some surge protectors or cover an available socket on an extension device. The screen size is rather small but that is typical with handheld devices.

Some phones provide two ports and an internal switch so you only need to bring one Ethernet cable into a work area for both phone and computer use. The base unit only has one Ethernet port so that is not possible here. However, the wireless nature of this system means you can have the base unit located somewhere near a router and out of the way.

After rearranging power supplies and resetting the device, I was very pleased with the operation of the Yealink W52P. A lesson learned from my experience shows that it is good practice to reset any used device, thus eliminating potential issues from existing settings. Normally, I prefer larger devices but the tactile response of the buttons compared to tablet or smartphone makes the refined size of this device perfect and functional.In addition, it provides many widely accepted benefits of the DECT standard, including high security, scalability, and low power consumption to better meet your requirements.

yealink w52p

Please Note: Your new handset will be delivered from us pre-configured and tested for you, no further configuration is required for first use. You have two options for power and network connection of the base station. Your system administrator will advise you which one to use. Do not remove the power and network to the base station while it is updating firmware and configurations. A full copy of the user manual can be downloaded directly from the Yealink product support website.

Download Manual External Link. If you need further help or advice, feel free to get in touch. Getting Started. Related Products:. Generic selectors. Exact matches only.

Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Getting Started This guide is designed to provide everything you need to install your new VoIP handset. AC Power To connect the unit using the AC power cable: Connect the DC plug on the power adapter to the DC5V port on the base station and connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet.

Connect the other end of the power adapter into an electrical power outlet. Insert the batteries in the correct polarity. Close the battery cover.

Yealink W52P — Handset Battery Installation The handset batteries will take take 6 hours during first use to become fully fully charged. Additional Resources Handset User Manual A full copy of the user manual can be downloaded directly from the Yealink product support website. Download Manual External Link Was this post helpful?For a more in-depth look at your phone, please see the manufacturer's user manual. Automatically forward incoming calls to an internal extension or external number.

Stop your phone from ringing and send all incoming calls directly to voicemail. Download your Voicemail Menu Guide. Speak with two parties simultaneously by creating a mini-conference call on your line.

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Place a current call on hold and speak with the destination party before transferring the call. Place a call on hold while you take some time to look up an answer to a question or answer another call. Choose a new ringtone for your phone or assign a different ringtone to each of your lines. Visually monitor the speed dial contacts assigned to your phone to know whether or not they are on an active call. These line keys will light up busy lamp field indicating if someone is busy or available. Factory resetting a phone is an advanced process and can result in more issues if done incorrectly.

Please follow the instructions found in the Customer Center login and permissions required or contact Customer Support if you need additional assistance.

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Back To Home. How can we help you? Quickstart Learn how to do the most common functions on your phone. Pair Your Handset s Pair your handsets to your base station. About this task : This handset is compatible with the Yealink W52 base.

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Up to eight handsets can be paired with this base station. Note: If the pin is not accepted or if registration fails, contact Customer Support for assistance. Assign a Line to Your Handset s Assign a unique line to each handset that is paired with this base station. Click Devices in the left sidebar and then choose the Yealink W52P that requires additional lines. From Button Configurationselect Line and then choose the desired line.

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Repeat this step for each additional line. Click Save. Power cycle the base station to apply your changes. On the handset, press the OK key. Enter your Device Admin Password. Call Forwarding Automatically forward incoming calls to an internal extension or external number. About this task : Tip: If you need to forward a single call, press the Forward softkey while your phone rings to send the caller to another person.

What to do next : To disable call forwarding, disable the forwarding type. Press the OK key. Your phone logs any missed calls in your call history.

Voicemail Access Check your voicemail from your phone. Dial your password default There are three indicators on the base station, only when three indicators all light solidly the W52P can work normally.

After registering a handset, the three indicators will light up solidly. Try connecting the W52P to another working switch port, if the network indicator still flash, please try a hard reset. Please contact your vendor or local distributor and send the problem description for help.

If you can't get a support from them, please send an email which include problem description, test result, your country, phone SN number to ticket. Yealink Facebook.

Login Create an account. Sortord by: relevancy views date. Hardware Problem, network environment. Connect a network cable to the base, it will flash. There are three cases. Please follow the steps below. Disconnect the power adapter. Long press the paging key and reconnect the power adapter. System PIN and all individual settings are reset to factory defaults. Handset registrations will also be cleared after base station reset. Please login to post your comment.

All rights reserved.Quick Links. See also: Admin ManualUser Manual. Table of Contents. Ip dect phones integrated with metaswitch commportal phone applications 32 pages. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, for any purpose, without the express written permission of Yealink Network Technology CO.

Page 3 3. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Installation of this equipment is subject to notification and coordination with UTAM. Any relocation of this equipment must be coordinated through and approved by UTAM. Page 5 GPL. Please refer to the GPL for the exact terms and conditions of the license.

If you find anything missing, contact your system administrator. You have two options for power and network connection of the base station. Your system administrator will advise you which one to use.

Page 17 The operating time of your handset depends on the capacity and age of the batteries and the way they are used. Page 18 After setting up the handset and charger cradle, place the handset in the charger cradle. The original handset included in the W52P package is pre-registered to the base station.

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After charging, the handset is ready for use. Battery Charging Status The information shown in the status line: On hook idle — Page Basic Operations If you require additional information or assistance with your new phone, contact your system administrator.

You can register up to 5 handsets to one W52P base station. Each handset can be registered to 4 different base stations. To register a handset manually: Long press on the base station. After successful registration, the internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen.

To de-register a handset: Press to enter the main menu.

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Enter the system PIN default: Press the Done soft key. Press the Save soft key to accept the change. To check the network status: Press to enter the main menu. The LCD screen displays the general information and the More… option.Entire tickets may be transferred prior to event start, but cannot be transferred after ticket-holder has checked into the event.

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yealink w52p

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Yealink W52P User Manual

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yealink w52p

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yealink w52p

It does not appear to be universal. It does appear to be universal. Changes made by Google. Thanks fir the question. Yes, you need to use a cell phone to create the direct link to the Google My Business review box if you want the link to be universal and work on all devices. This is because the link structure is created differently on mobile devices, with a different structure. Desktop browsers load review box using javascript and mobile browsers do not.

Still a good write-up, Travis. It got me most of the way there.

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Google continues to confuse. Looking forward to a new way. It appears to work a little differently, but very similar. This post will probably be updated after Thanksgiving.

If I change my link to look like your link it works on my Mac but not on Android. This is on a Windows desktop. WebWorks of KC ranks very well locally in Kansas City and we get plenty of organic leads.

This is a great article and something I will be implementing with my clients, thank you. I am not complaining in anyway Travis I just find it amusing and wish you all the very best. Andy, are you referring to the guidelines that suggest consistent names across all properties. I have two options: 1) The above to Google Business. BTW: I tried the delete portion of the link edit but it did not work. I also tried yours. But again it did not work.

I then tried the unedited link on my mobile and it worked on Andriod. Not sure what the case is on iPhoneI checked it on the iphone. It worked but not the same. The user needs to scroll past Google Ads, the click on stars, the login then review. By this time she has dropped out. At least this is our experience. From all the research, it seems that newer Google My Business pages are the ones having the problems.

Thanks for the update on this. Very useful in our latest round of email newsletters we have going out.

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