Is def going away 2021

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Is def going away 2021

Back in the September issue of Diesel World we talked about diesel exhaust fluid DEFwhich is used as an exhaust treatment in modern diesel emissions systems to reduce the levels of nitrogen oxide NOx in the exhaust. Used properly, DEF is a good thing—but used improperly, it can cause serious and seriously expensive problems.

Typically this happens when someone pours DEF into the fuel tank on older diesel rigs. Also to blame: well-meaning service station attendants, techs at non-diesel shops, and even owners of gas rigs hoping to reap the benefit of increased fuel economy. The truth, of course, is that DEF is only useful in a rig with a DEF system, which consists of a separate tank, filler cap and fluid lines as well as a specialized exhaust system.

This is essentially how Ford builds the truck; the frame assembly is mated to the body assembly on the line. Removing the body is actually a rather simple operation, provided you have a lift. Diesel exhaust fluid DEF consists of DEF is slightly heavier than water at 9. Most trucks have a DEF heating system to keep the truck running in extremely cold weather. DEF contamination requires removing the entire fuel system from the main tank to the injectors. Here you see the tank, primary fuel pump and duel tank switching valve.

This Forbidden Tacoma Diesel Is The Truck You Want, But Toyota Won't Build! - Dude, I Love My Ride!

Plastic fuel tanks can usually be flushed several times and reused. The rest of the system must be replaced. It must be replaced as the cross passages are a perfect place for DEF crystals to hide.

When Def is Death: The Downside of Diesel Exhaust Fluid Misuse

If the error is caught before the key is turned, the fix may be as simple as dropping the fuel tank and flushing it out. Have the vehicle towed or flat-bedded to a repair facility, and if you need to unlock the steering column, be sure to disconnect the batteries before turning the key in the ignition.

Make sure get your vehicle repaired right away, as DEF is corrosive and letting it sit in the fuel system can cause further damage. Tech Rody Henriquez begins the DEF contamination repair by stripping off the engine components that ride over the fuel system. Here the plastic intake is coming off. Ford lists several symptoms of fuel contamination:. These symptoms, among others, are indicators of some sort of contamination in the fuel system.

According to Ford, the most common sources of contaminated fuel are auxiliary vehicle-mounted tanks; local storage tanks; infrequently used fuel sources; and refueling errors i. DEF or gasoline poured into the fuel tank. The entire fuel system is stripped out.

Here the injector feed lines are being removed. The aluminum fuel rails on both sides must be discarded. If recycled, they may come back as a new F body part. All the injectors must be removed. Some say that they can be cleaned and reused; while this may be true for other service issues such as water contamination, the nature of DEF corrosive and abrasive means the injectors must be replaced. DEF is corrosive and, as you are about to see, causes severe damage to the fuel system.

Early symptoms include hard starting, rough idle and smoking exhaust, and a DEF-contaminated engine may not start at all. The recommend repair is to replace the entire fuel system, from tank to injectors. As these trucks age, the cost of DEF repair could easily be more than the value of the vehicle. We followed the repair of a DEF-contaminated 6. The fuel filters must be replaced along with their filter housings. The small cost of a new housing pales in comparison to having to replace the entire fuel system a second time.Regulators currently require participating banks to submit a LIBOR survey each day, but after they will not.

Imagine the possible disruption. Today, we will focus on developments over the last year, including a surprise announcement on Thursday by ICE. The goal is to improve market liquidity and transparency, not to disrupt it. We do not believe there will be a mandated cessation of LIBOR unless the replacement index is fully adopted. SOFR is a repo rate, meaning it is an overnight loan secured by Treasurys. These developments are critical for the adoption of SOFR in derivative markets, where traders need a forward curve to adequately hedge an index over a given tenor.

As you can see in the graph below, SOFR would have set an average of 0. This makes sense given that SOFR is essentially a risk free rate. Expect an averaging to smooth that out. The final step in the Paced Transition Plan calls for the creation of a forward-looking term rate based on SOFR-linked derivative markets.

With the availability of SOFR term rates and liquid derivative markets, it is expected it will be possible to use SOFR for cash products before the end of The is the section that describes what happens if LIBOR is no longer available at some point over the term of the loan. The ARCC has spent a considerable amount of time on this topic inseeking comments and feedback from market participants. They even extended the deadline for comments because they were so flooded with responses.

Instead, most lenders have adopted an approach that will rely on the market accepted replacement for LIBOR. If that ends up being SOFR, great. But it allows for flexibility in the event that a different index ultimately becomes the replacement.

The ARRC hopes lenders will begin to adopt universal language, likely in incremental steps, between today and The more consistent the language across loans and asset types, the smoother the potential transition.

There is a very big spotlight on this transition and regulators are focused on improving market transparency, not disrupting it. Additionally, floating rate typically do not have prepayment penalties and borrowers may refinance the loan in order to avoid a sudden spike in their rate.

Bottom Line — incorporate language that would capture the market accepted replacement for LIBOR, not Prime or some other index at the sole discretion of the lender. Unlike the lending market, the derivative market has one industry group that oversees all contracts — ISDA.

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The spy shots also give us a better look at the suspension setup of the new GM HD trucks. GM Authority Founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy. I am so so so so glad they are moving that tank. You have to get Weather tech they are not cut out. I too have often wondered about some of the cost cutting measures employed on the current generation chassis.

Being someone who has had every iteration of GM series chassis in the last 20 years, both personally and in fleet numbers for our business, the current generation has more cutting than I remember from models past.

It was done to save a buck on their largest volume chassis, thus equating to the greatest cost savings to GM.

is def going away 2021

To top it off, it was a post bankruptcy design where they were in more need than ever to save money. I live in Texas, the whole truck cools wonderfully and never any complaints from the back passengers, especially if the center vent is aimed at the back which is what it was designed to do. All the rear vent does is appear as a luxury hence while all trucks up until the new GM twins only had it on the higher end versions while not helping cooling the vehicle rather hurting the cab cooling capabilities.

The number one complaint about the current generation we hear from all of our guys that work in the hot desert sun, is that the rear never gets completely comfortable.

Guys up front are fine, but the rear passengers after working all day grumble. Above all else, it was a cost cutting measure, and as with all other things in this class and cost of vehicle, it should have equal creature comforts as all other makes. Guys always spill and leave the underhood area covered in dried up urea. Additionally there is no gauge to let you see the current level. Ram has an actual gauge, and ford in our fleet f has a digital read out of percentage left.

If GM placed a gauge or meter read out this would be easier. Living up here in the cold my passengers would certainly love rear vents. Maybe not for ac but for warm air for sure. I hear the complaint constantly. It amazing me that people complain about where this tank is located and what it looks like! Do people have a ego this fragile? These trucks with a duramax engine are supposed to be work trucks so why does it matter where this tank is put?

These are supposed to be work trucks — so they are supposed to be on job sites. Any plastic tank hanging below the frame right behind the front wheel is a weak link. It was a stupid placement originally and the new version still appears to sit below the frame.

Wrong, the placement is fine. It has zero to do with getting in the way of the terrain!!! Maybe people dont like the looks. Yep here is Brian, complaining again about people who want to make the GM truck better. Also did you know you could shut the two front center vents in my HD and it would increase the air to the rear vents giving all 4 passengers an air vent at there control, if they were on the sun side, having a hot flash, hot workers or whatever the case may be.

Also you could feel it on your face so it did a lot more than cool or warm your knees. Its about comfort and the vents allow the rear passengers to direct or shut off there own air flow. Duramax great drivetrain though.Consent is not a condition of any purchase. You may opt out at any time. This year at the Bauma show in Munich, Germany, Cummins unveiled a series of engines that not only meet the standard but eliminate a lot of the issues and complexities that existed with previous generations of emissions compliant engines.

Valoin n01 manual

For the Stage V engines, they are using a similar one-can approach only calling it the Single Module aftertreatment. These new engines do not require any exhaust gas recirculation EGR making them less complex than previous generations of engines.

The new Cummins engines include the F3. Electronic engine management on the Stage V engines enables a start-stop function which will reduce excessive idle time and offer the potential to reduce fuel consumption between 5 and 15 percent. With the elimination of EGR, less hot exhaust gas is pumped back through the engines, resulting in lower cooling requirements and smaller cooling packages. In addition to making the engine footprint more compact a side benefit of the cooler running engines is that oil change intervals will be extended to as long as 1, hours.

Cummins has also designed these engines to run on a single turbocharger.

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The F3. The system sends operators and fleet managers fault codes and other engine operating and diagnostic information to aid in troubleshooting and reduce downtime. The system is currently used with Cummins on-highway engines, and with the installation of a telematics device will be compatible with most Cummins off-road engines.

Your email address will not be published. Please wait while you are being authenticated Tom Jackson April 12, Deere intros G compact track loader with integrated grade control, There are no comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Trending Articles. Hitachi ZW wheel loader offers degree visibility, ConSite inspection reports. Coronavirus will likely have long-lasting impact on used truck market. Safety Watch.

Digital Edition.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. I was told they are getting rid of DEF, could it be true? Oct 24, 1.

At the truck two guys claimed very loudly that they are getting rid of DEF. I googled it and didn't find any proof that DEF is going away. Anyone have any input on this? Thanks in advance. Road Killer Thanks this. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Oct 24, 2. Best to do your business and get back to your truck or get rolling asap.

Don't hang inside the truckstops, you'll get your head filled with bull Doo Doo. Then he told me a conspiracy theory about bill gates.

I was told they are getting rid of DEF, could it be true?

Longest and weirdest 5 minutes to get a burger. Once I got my order i said "hold on one sec, I'll be back". Then took off. Wonder how long he waited. Farmerbob1Road Killerramblingman and 5 others Thank this. Oct 24, 3. InternationalMaxxforce tried, it didn't work. Cummins initially thought it would work, but they have since helped International fix that mistake.

Oct 24, 4. No other feasible way to eliminate nox at the moment. Which is the real problem, not the soot. Road Killer and KillingTime Thank this. Oct 25, 5. OOwannaBEOct 25, Oct 25, 6. Best way I know of to get rid of DEF is to buy a truck that never had it. Makes life a lot easier.There are many rumors flying around about the all-new Ram HD truck lineup.

Here is the collection of most of the rumors, and also all of the official information that is currently available. We organized it in a this top 5 list format, so that we can get to the bottom of rumor and fact. Ram has officially announced that the next generation of the heavy duty truck with arrive in January of We interpret this to mean that the Ram HD will debut in January, but the truck are likely to reach dealership several months after that.

What engines will the new truck have? Ram has not released their engine lineup for the next generation of the heavy duty truck, but here are some rumors that are floating around.

What Happens When the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Runs Dry? We Put It to the Test

There are reports that the 5. This sounds plausible, although the 5. There is also a rumor about a 7. There is not much data to support this claim.

is def going away 2021

Will the Ram HD diesel produce 1, lb-ft of torque? We do not have information to support this, but we imagine the next version of the high output 6.

is def going away 2021

You have to put all of that torque down to the ground, and there are rumors about two possible transmission choices to the next big Ram truck. Why increase the number of gears? A wider gear range allows the truck to have more low-end pulling power to get off the line, while also providing increased efficiency while cruising on the highway.

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Naturally, reliability is a big concern, but both ZF and AISIN have a lot of resources and experience to produce a capable and reliable transmission. What about the 6-speed manual? We have to rely on images of the prototype trucks that have been caught in the wild for design changes. It appears the new HD truck will use the same or very similar cab design to the new Ram DT trucks. It means a crew cab that is 4-inches longer than before to allow for more interior space.

is def going away 2021

The new HD truck will have a grille design with no cross-hairs that is similar to the Ram DT trucks. Although, we expect the heavy duty trucks to have grilles and headlight design that are larger than those on the half-ton trucks.

If the HD truck uses the same cab as the new light duty, it means that it will have much of the same improved interior design. Will we have a inch infotainment screen in the Ram HD? That should be a real possibility. We expect Ram to update the design of the frame to make it stiffer, and improve the overall safety of the truck. We also expect Ram to use aluminum for at least the hood and the tailgate of the new trucks.

Maximum payload and towing numbers are critical to the success of a heavy duty truck. No official numbers have been released yet, but we expect Ram to target the current Ford Super Duty specs with are: 7, lbs of payload and 34, lbs of maximum gooseneck trailer towing.

This lets us know that Ram is seriously considering to being it back, as they should.What happens if you run the treatment tank dry? Diesel veterans long ago learned how to handle this concern.

The following primer is for diesel-engine newbies and gasoline-engine devotees curious about life on the other side.

Those who turn a DEF ear face harsh penalties. Inside the exhaust pipe, the DEF vaporizes and decomposes into ammonia and carbon dioxide. This produces three benign tailpipe gases: nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The ingredients remain in solution, so no shaking or mixing is necessary before use.

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Our Range Rover is equipped with a 3. We soon discovered that the earliest warning is fleeting and easy to miss. The warning disappeared before I could photograph it. The next alert appeared miles later. Only miles later, the urgency intensified. No additional messages lit up our cluster while we were driving. Fill diesel exhaust fluid tank. We kept the engine running to drive the final eight miles to the comfort of our garage before shutting it down.

We promptly began resuscitation procedures. Adding 2. The engine would not start until we tipped in another 2. Then this diesel started without hesitation, idled nicely, and ran perfectly throughout its next journey—a mile jaunt to Chicago. While the frequency of warnings does vary, all modern diesels give their owners plenty of notice that their DEF must be replenished well before the dry-tank doomsday occurs.

Considering how effective this strategy is for cleansing the exhaust, the half-cent per mile we spent in this test for DEF is quite reasonable.

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