Diagram hindenburg poster 18x24 1937 zeppelin airship by

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diagram hindenburg poster 18x24 1937 zeppelin airship by

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Drawing courtesy David Fowler. Hindenburg Main Ring 92 at leftand Main Ring Drawings courtesy David Fowler. The ability to build a ship with a much thicker profile was due to the construction of a new, larger shed at Friedrichshafen in see photograph belowwhich had been financed by the German national government and the State of Wurttemberg.

The construction sheds at Friedrichshafen. The older Factory Shed II, whose height limited the dimensions of Graf Zeppelin, is on the left, and the new larger shed which allowed construction of Hindenburg is on the right. The new shed allowed the construction of much larger airships, which could carry the greater volume of gas necessary to lift the payload required for profitable scheduled transatlantic passenger service.

Hindenburg under construction, showing the axial catwalk passing through the center of a gas cell, and the outline of the passenger compartment at lower right.

One innovation aboard Hindenburg was the use of a new material for the construction of the gas cells.

diagram hindenburg poster 18x24 1937 zeppelin airship by

Hindenburg was also equipped with 14 automatic valves which released gas whenever cell pressure became too high, to avoid damage to the cells themselves or to the framework of the ship. The normal cruise settin g was RPM, generating approximately hp, and this setting was usually not adjusted during an ocean crossing. The engines were started with compressed air, and could be started, stopped, and reversed in flight.

Using reduction gearing, each engine drove a 4-bladed, fixed-pitch, Hindenburg engine car.

The Hindenburg (1935-1937)

The engines were mounted in four engine cars; two at Ring 92, and two at Ring The rear engine cars were mounted lower on the hull than the forward cars, so that the propellers of the rear cars would operate in clean air, undisturbed by the propwash from the forward engines. A mechanic was stationed in each engine car at all times to monitor the diesel and carry out engine orders transmitted from the control car.

There were plans, never implemented, to add a fifth engine car, containing a Daimler-Benz diesel adapted to burn hydrogen. Hindenburg was originally designed for heliumwhich was too difficult to obtain and too expensive to be vented to compensate for the weight of fuel burned during flight. To avoid the need to valve helium, several innovative solutions were proposed. The flammable hydrogen would be protected inside the larger cell containing inert helium, and when it was necessary to valve lifting gas, hydrogen, rather than helium, could be released.

When it became obvious that helium would not be made available by the Americans, and that the ship would be inflated with hydrogen, the inner cells were abandoned, but Hindenburg did retain the axial catwalk at the center of the ship that was installed to provide access to the valves for these inner cells.

The second proposed innovation involved a water recovery system which would have used silica gel to capture water from engine exhaust, obtaining water ballast to partly compensate for the fuel burned by the engines.

Hindenburg Disaster: Real Zeppelin Explosion Footage (1937) - British Pathé

This system, too, was abandoned when the Zeppelin Company was unable to obtain helium and it became necessary to inflate Hindenburg with hydrogen. Consideration was also given to installing engines which could burn hydrogen, but tests indicated that such engines had a much more limited power output; the maximum power that could be obtained was approximately hp.

Plans were drawn to add a fifth engine gondola to compensate for the lower power of hydrogen-burning engines, but these plans were never implemented. One other innovation which was briefly attempted was a plan to recover and launch fixed-wing aircraft to speed the delivery of mail. Was there any evidence of testing the Graf 1 motors on Methane?

I ask because in the case of say the R,it would have made lift gas valving unneeded if the wing cars had those gaseous motors, and the center cars the Condor motors on liquid fuel.Dining Room of Airship Hindenburg Airships.

Passenger Decks: profile view. Drawing courtesy of David Fowler. The passenger accommodations were decorated in the clean, modern design of principal architect Professor Fritz August Breuhausand in a major improvement over the unheated Graf Zeppelinpassenger areas on Hindenburg were heated, using forced-air warmed by water from the cooling systems of the forward engines.

The tables and chairs were designed by Professor Fritz August Breuhaus using lightweight tubular aluminum, with the chairs upholstered in red. The furniture, like that in the dining room, was designed in lightweight aluminum by Professor Breuhaus, but the chairs were upholstered in brown. During the season the Lounge contained a pound Bluthner baby grand pianomade of Duralumin and covered with yellow pigskin.

diagram hindenburg poster 18x24 1937 zeppelin airship by

The stewardess is Emilie Imhoff, who was killed at Lakehurst in Passenger Lounge on the Airship Hindenburg, showing promenade windows. The walls of the Writing Room were decorated with paintings by Otto Arpke depicting scenes from around the world:.

Some of the Otto Arpke paintings aboard Hindenburg. Passenger Cabin aboard Hindenburg Airships. Hindenburg was originally built with 25 double-berthed cabins at the center of A Deck, accommodating 50 passengers.

The A Deck cabins were small, but were comparable to railroad sleeper compartments of the day. Cabins were decorated in one of three color schemes — either light blue, grey, or beige — and each A Deck cabin had one lower berth which was fixed in place, and one upper berth which could be folded against the wall during the day. Each cabin had call buttons to summon a steward or stewardess, a small fold-down desk, a wash basin made of lightweight white plastic with taps for hot and cold running water, and a small closet covered with a curtain in which a limited number of suits or dresses could be hung; other clothes had to be kept in their suitcases, which could be stowed under the lower berth.

Because the A Deck cabins were located in the center of the ship they had no windows, which was a feature missed by passengers who had traveled on Graf Zeppelin and had enjoyed the view of the passing scenery from their berths.

diagram hindenburg poster 18x24 1937 zeppelin airship by

Promenades On either side of A Deck were promenades, featuring seating areas and large windows which could be opened in flight. Passenger decks of Hindenburg, showing promenade windows Airships. Passenger Decks before refit Drawing courtesy of David Fowler.

During the winter ofwhile the ship was laid up in Frankfurt, additional passenger cabins were also added in Bay 11, just aft of ring The new cabins had windows offering an outside view, and were slightly larger than the cabins on A Deck. The additional weight of these new cabins was made possible by the unexpected and unwelcome need to operate the ship with hydrogen, which has greater lifting power than the helium for which Hindenburg had been designed.

B Deck, showing cabins. Perhaps most surprising, aboard a hydrogen airship, there was also a smoking room on the Hindenburg. The smoking room was kept at higher than ambient pressure, so that no leaking hydrogen could enter the room, and the smoking room and its associated bar were separated from the rest of the ship by a double-door airlock.

One electric lighter was provided, as no open flames were allowed aboard the ship. Along one side of the room was a railing above sealed windows, through which passengers could look down on the ocean or landscape passing below. The smoking room was perhaps the most popular public room on the ship, which is not surprising in an era in which so many people smoked. Pressurized Smoking Room aboard LZ Hindenburg, showing door to the bar, with the air lock doors beyond.

This is where Hindenburg bartender Max Schulze served up LZ Frosted Cocktails gin and orange juice and Maybach 12 cocktails recipe lost to historybut more importantly, it is where Schulze monitored the air-lock to ensure that no-one left the smoking room with burning cigarattes, cigars, or pipes. Schulze had been a steward and bartender aboard the ocean liners of the Hamburg-Amerika Line and was well liked by Hindenburg passengers, even if he was surprisingly unfamiliar with basic American cocktails such as the Manhattan.

Crew Areas and Keel Other than the control car, the crew and work areas aboard Hindenburg were primarily located along the keel, including officer and crew sleeping quarters, the The same type of ashtray can be seen in the color photograph on the table in of the smoking room.

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Hindenburg Posters

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